Spanish Classes for adult beginners,

with a fun group environment

Group classes that offer a great environment to promote discussion and learning of Spanish as a second language.

During the 6-week Beginner’s Spanish Fast-Track course you will learn enough vocabulary to hold a conversation around the most common topics.

Now, imagine yourself in your next holidays and the interesting people you will get to meet, thanks to being able to communicate.

For sure you have traveled to Spain (or Latin America perhaps) without knowing a single word of Spanish, but as you learn the language in a fun and interactive environment, your next experience will be much more enriching.


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Benefits of studying in groups:

Studying with others gives you the opportunity to better understand the new language by practising the topics with someone else.

Because other people are counting on you to study the lesson, it’s more likely that you won’t skip studying.

Helps you clarify any possible doubts or questions that you might have.

You gain more confidence, as you get to speak more.

You can ask any classmate if something doesn’t make sense.

Having other students around, will motivate you to study really effectively and to be attentive, engaged and on track.

Why should you learn Spanish?


There are many good reasons to learn Spanish, but one of the most convincing is definitely its worldwide importance.

Learning Spanish as a second language will allow you to communicate with millions of people all over the globe.

With more than 400 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken native language around the world (just behind Mandarin and ahead of English).

Due to the growth of the population and emerging economies in Latin America, the number of native speakers of Spanish increases as well as the number of social and commercial interactions in this language.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and it is a commonly used language in other territories such as the United States, Philippines, and Brazil.