About Me


Who Am I?

I am a Venezuelan in the UK since 2014. Being a native speaker of Spanish with extensive experience and qualifications in the field of education has enabled me to teach it to people who wants to learn to communicate in this language.

I love teaching my mother tongue! And I want you to enjoy the marvelous opportunity of experiencing the world in different languages.

I am a qualified teacher with more than 15 years of experience. Teaching has been always one of my passions! Being able to serve others through my knowledge and experience, connects me with my Soul’s purpose.

My Education

In Venezuela, I got a number of academic degrees that allowed me to combine both professional and academic worlds:

– BA in Media Studies & Journalism (2000),

– Master in Marketing Management (2003),

– Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (2004),

– Post-Graduate Specialist in Research Methodology (2008)

– PhD in Management Sciences (2012).

My Experience

As an academic, I started my journey being a Teacher of Spanish Literature for Secondary Education, from 2001 to 2004.

Following this period, in 2003, I became a Lecturer in Marketing Management, Research Methodology, Advertisement and Promotion at the Universities ‘Jose Gregorio Hernandez’ and ‘Rafael Belloso Chacín’ (Maracaibo, Venezuela). One area of my research dealt with Marketing Strategies. The other focused on the use of strategies for customer satisfaction.

As a lecturer, I was part of the examining jury of the University Council. My responsibilities included evaluation of degree theses of MSc in Communication Sciences and Marketing Management. I was also a tutor of several Master’s degree theses.

Before becoming an academic, I worked as a Marketing and Sales Manager in different industries, such as mining, theme parks and mass media.

In the UK, I have been a Compliance Assistant at a money remittance company in London and lately, I was a Spanish Teacher for Classes 7 and 8 at Michael Hall School, Forest Row, East Sussex.


Excellent communications.

Able to counsel and motivate students at all levels.

Able to provide direction, inspire others and take responsibility for contributing to and delivering results to achieve the class/group goals.